Lam Family, Nova Scotia

Lam Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu, Nova Scotia Branch

Mission: To promote Lam Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu as a means for personal health and wellness, confidence, self-esteem, discipline and a righteous philosophy.

Lam Family Hung Kuen Class Schedule: Individual or Group Private lessons, by appointment only.
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Instructor: Sifu Terry Humber
Experience: Sifu Terry has been teaching the Lam Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu privately and also at the Canadian Coast Guard College for more than 23 years. Sifu Terry has studied Karate, Chinese Kick Boxing, Boxing, Wing Chun, Judo, Jujitsu, and Aikido. He has achieved a 2nd degree black belt in Kickboxing. Sifu Terry has studied the Lam Family Hung for 37 years, and now he is a teacher in Hung Kuen.



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